This photoalbum contains photos my wife Chevrolet van G-20 1981. It Show and tell the history of the car. How does the car appearance has changed, and how it live our lives.

I bought the car in 1995 and since then it has served our family as a normal everyday lives, as our holidays in Finland and Europe. 2007 was the year when we visited first van-meet and from I began modify car radical.

v1_small.jpg v2_small.jpg v3_small.jpg v4_small.jpg v41_small.jpg
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v20_small.jpg v21_small.jpg v22_small.jpg v23_small.jpg v24_small.jpg
v26_small.jpg v27_small.jpg v25_small.jpg v28_small.jpg v29_small.jpg
v30_small.jpg v31_small.jpg v32_small.jpg v33_small.jpg v34_small.jpg
v35_small.jpg v36_small.jpg v37_small.jpg v38_small.jpg v39_small.jpg
v40_small.jpg v412_small.jpg v42_small.jpg v43_small.jpg v44_small.jpg

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